Feeling hot, hot, hot…

As last week ended in guilt and disappointment due to a niggling injury I wasn’t particularly looking forward to week six of my training plan. After writing my thoughts down from last week, emptying my head of questions and thoughts I was feeling slightly more at ease. This was also helped by some wise words from a good friend of mine from my university days which unbeknown to him helped me a lot. 

This week was set to be an interesting one in terms of running locations and Monday was pencilled in as a rest day but due to me waking up and feeling no reaction to the pull behind my knee I made the decision to head out on my delayed 10 mile long run. 

Monday10 miles Long Run

Chosing the route I ran the previous weekend for my 1:30:00 long run. It’s a route I know well and only a few places to be potentially caught crossing roads. The weather was decent and the rain from the previous few days had subsided so off I went. The sole intention of today’s run was to do the distance, not interested in speed or minutes per mile. After the niggle I had suffered with my knee previously I just wanted to see if I could go the distance. I made a decision not to use my usual play list on my phone and randomly selected a compilation album I have amongst the 2000+ songs I store on my phone. Reason behind this was simple, just get out and run! No uptempo tracks just background music. I can comfortably run 10 miles in 1:20:00 and that was my target for today however as I passed through my first mile at  7:40 I was feeling great. The apprehension I felt previously had quickly disappeared and there was no reaction from my knee, result!! As the minutes passed and the miles fell I found I was showing a certain amount of consistency in my minutes per mile. I was enjoying this, my confidence was building and my initial idea of just lasting the distance was now becoming how long can I sustain this pace. As I turned the corner onto our estate and the miles clocked at 10 I felt strong and could have gone on however that’s not for today. The battle has been fought and today I won. I was extatic and excited for my next outing on Wednesday in a location of complete contrast to today.  All in all a good days work!! 

On December 12th 2015 I got married and me and my new wife were to be heading off on our honeymoon Monday evening. The destination for us was a place neither of us had been before the Maldives. I had no choice to pack my running gear as I’m now in a routine, the hardest part of running for me, I was however heading in to the Unknown!! This is going to be a very interesting 10 days away but first we had to negotiate 3 flights, 6000+ miles, 15 hours travelling and a sea plane!! 

As we arrived late on Tuesday evening I had no chance to explore the small island we were to call home for the next ten nights however as soon as we landed in the sea plane at our resort we walked a jetty 500m long to the island, this was to be the basis of my runs for the next few days. Due to the fact I’ve turned my data roaming off on my phone I was running with just my music and a stop watch…not a bad thing as I was able to enjoy the route round the island better if I’m honest.
 Wednesday40 minute interval run 

Stepping into the unknown I got myself sorted and decided to head out before the sun became too hot. I was to start the run at an easy pace, 10 minutes, so I weaved my way round the water bungalows and sand tracks to get a feel for the heat and humidity. Even at the early time I set out the temperature was 85 degrees just a slight improvement from my usual conditions running around Bolton!! I soon realised that the jetty however stunning it was wasn’t going to satisfy my run completely so after my first interval of 3 minutes I headed off round the small island. I worked out a loop incorporating the jetty would be about 2 km this was ideal. As the temperature started to rise and my intervals came and went I managed to get in 5 laps of the island running on sand and a wooden jetty. 

As I finished my last loop of the island and returned to our water bungalow I was drenched in sweat and can think of worse ways to recover from a hard run on varying terains than taking a dip in the Indian Ocean and having a beer, Cheers!!   

  Thursday 30 minutes steady run

As we woke and headed out to breakfast I quickly realised today was going to be a warmer day. Initially I had pencilled in 50 minutes steady run however this would have to be revised, I don’t want to put myself in any danger running in such heat when I’m not used to it. As me and the wife stood in the Indian Ocean chatting to another couple the discussion turned to why I was running. “You must be mental” was all they could say. This made me laugh but unfortunately needs must and however difficult it is running in paradise I will just have to suck it up and get on with it!! 

Today’s run was a gentle run and I decided I would go for 30 minutes incorporating water stops after each loop of the island. This was esential as I was losing sweat by the bucket load. As I plodded round the island the locals greet me with a smile and a hello which makes the run pass quickly however I can honestly say I’ve never experienced such heat let alone ran in it but this place is stunning!  

Returning to our bungalow and  standing in a cold shower for what seemed an eternity I’ve still not cooled down. As I’m writing this entry I’m sat under the air conditioning unit still struggling to cool down however I’m hoping the experiences out here will stand me in good stead when I return to running round the bleak street of the U.K.!! 10 miles for me on Saturday but that is definitely going to be in the air conditioned gym on a treadmill. Not ideal but sensible. 


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